The Romance Of Odysseus And Calypso

Sounds Of Ogigia

Noviembre 2021

Tengo el honor de cerrar este joya de recopilatorio editado en casete desde Edimburgo, junto a un elenco internacional de artistas que transitan por el dark ambient, los sonidos tribales, el downtempo, la psicodelia, el spoken world y otros sonidos experimentales poco acomodados. Mi tema titulado Ancestral Oddysey es una epopeya de sintetizadores y voces ancestrales que crece imparable sin atisbo de beat.

[Texto de Sounds Of Ogigia]


According to Homer's "Odyssey" the nymph Calypso, who resided in the island of Ogygia, put a spell on the sailor Odysseus who shipwrecked on the island when on his way to Ithaca. After being abducted for 10 years he was freed from the psychedelic state of the love spell. Calypso died of grief when Odysseus sailed back to his wife Penelope.


This compilation is a musical representation of the myth. An ode to passion and psychedelia.


Musically speaking the compilation is a flow of evocative sounds ranging from fourth world, new age, psych-rock, dark ambient, techno, dub & electronica that provide an epic wholeness to the concept.


The tape’s artwork is an abstracted portrayal of Odysseus, encapsulating a gloomy, dream-like state of mind prevailing when under a spell of seduction. He is as the island beneath his feet, surrounded by emptiness of the sea, trapped with nowhere to go.


Music by MR. TC, Koyil, Canaan Balsam, Opake, Warzou, HLM38, Yssue, Salamanda, Misha Sultan, Emme Ya, Audan Karrett, Jebel Musa and Juan.


Design by Vanja Rakic.


Label run by Pako Vega.


Mastered by Sam Smith at Green Door Studio in Glasgow.


© Juan x Amor Fotografía